Landlord and Tenant

We represent landlords and tenants. Landlords have many responsibilities. Any deficiency in satisfying these responsibilities may end up in lost rent or a penalty. We are able to assist landlords bring the tenancy back in to good standing and minimize or avoid any potential loss. We assist landlords protect their investment against problematic tenants in all varieties of issues from non-payment of rent, damaged property, to interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of other tenants. We also advise landlords how to make their property into a legal rental unit.

Tenants have many rights in Ontario. We are able to assist tenants achieve a peaceful and comfortable living environment. If any of your rights as a tenant have been infringed upon we are able to deal with your landlord and even represent you at the landlord and tenant board.

We prepare personalized tenancy agreements. If you are thinking about entering into a tenancy agreement we can review it and advise you of your rights and obligations.