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Is Your Child Entitled to Child Support?

Whether you are no longer cohabiting in a common law relationship, are married and separated, or single, and there is a child of the relationship who is residing with you over 60% of the time per week, your child is entitled to child support.

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Construction Liens: Preservation and Perfection

What if you’re a subcontractor who finished working on someone’s land and the general contractor doesn’t want to pay you? Or you’re a supplier who’s left building supplies at a jobsite and whoever ordered the supplies does not want to pay? What can you do?

Human rights - men and women alike

What Are Your Human Rights?

Discrimination or harassment occurs when one experiences negative treatment because of a physical or personal characteristic, in a particular social area.

Can I evict my roommate?

If you are a tenant who has allowed a roommate to move in with you and now want the roommate to move out but that roommate refuses, what can you do?

Put It In Writing – Beyond the Handshake

Contracts do not have to be in writing to be valid. But in a verbal agreement each side often remembers things differently. Most often they sincerely believe that their version is the correct one but there is no way of proving it.

[VIDEO] A Tribute to Malicki Sanchez: 54 Years of Service

Featured at the “Festival de Verano” hosted by real estate magnate Toni Reyes, this video (in Spanish) is a tribute to Marek Malicki and three generations of lawyers from he same family providing service to the community in Ontario, Canada.

Malicki Sanchez Christmas

Malicki Sanchez Staff Annual Celebration

The Malicki Sanchez staff came together for our annual Christmas celebration at the Glenerin Inn in Mississauga to give thanks in appreciation of/for Christmas and our hardworking and dedicated team of lawyers, legal professionals and clients. It is always a lovely opportunity to share a space with all the staff members from both of our […]

Malicki and Malicki Top Performers

Malicki Law Firm Awarded Top Performer In Mississauga Business Times

The Malicki Sanchez Law Firm is pleased to announce that it was awarded the Top Performers Award for 2013 by the Mississauga Business Times. Mississauga Business Times, founded in 1983, is Metroland’s flagship community business newspaper, and is the voice of business in Canada’s 6th largest city. Business Times newspapers are published by Metroland Media […]

“Sto Lat: The Life and Times of Stefan Alfons Malicki” – A Special Art Event

On Thursday, September 12, 2013, the Creatures Creating Gallery at 822 Dundas Street West, Toronto, hosted the opening of a very special art show curated by Vanessa Malicki-Sanchez, celebrating the centenary (Sto Lat = 100 years) of the birth of Stefan Alfons Malicki, the founder of the Malicki Sanchez Law Firm, which he established in […]

Dealing With Dismissal – A Few Negotiating Tips for Employees and Employers

‘Let go’, ‘downsized’, ‘fired’, ‘indefinitely laid off’, ‘terminated’, ‘dismissed’. These are words no one wants to hear. In this uncertain economy, being dismissed from your job can be a devastating experience. Gone are the pay cheques, the health and dental coverage, the RRSP contributions and other job perks which you’ve relied on. Not to mention the anxiety and embarrassment of having to leave co-workers, many of whom you have become friends with outside the workplace. What’s more, you are now faced with the prospect of having to go out and find a new job or apply for employment insurance.

York University Newsletter Celebrates Law Firm’s 50th Anniversary

Multicultural law firm celebrates 50 years A Cooksville multilingual general practice law firm has served several generations of the area’s Polish- and English-speaking communities. Now, Malicki Sanchez is celebrating its 50th year of service, wrote The Mississauga News May 11. “We speak a number of languages in the office,” said Marek Malicki (LLB ’71), son […]

How does Child Custody in Canada Work?

How does Child Custody in Canada Work? By Jonathan Brown In the confusion of divorce, most parents never consider the issue of child custody beforehand. Often communication between the spouses has broken down and both parents presume their assumptions about child custody to be accepted by the other parent. Often this is not the case. […]

How To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer

Author: Mary Anne Murphy Most people by now have heard of the benefits of using the professional services of a real estate agent, home inspector or mortgage broker in the real estate transaction process. However some buyers and sellers my not pay as much attention to choosing the real estate lawyer that will be representing […]

The Benefits of a Family or Divorce Lawyer

Author: George Wellington It is not a secret that divorce can be messy and difficult at times. No matter who you are or what your marriage was like, divorce is a difficult thing to go through. It can be ugly or it can be somewhat bearable, but that really depends upon how you go through […]

Malicki Sanchez Celebrates 50 Years of Service

This year, Malicki Sanchez a law firm based in Toronto, Ontario, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Stefan A. Malicki was a judge in Poland before the outbreak of World War II. He fought in Britain with the Polish forces and emigrated to Canada in 1952. After working at manual labour he secured employment at the law […]

The 17 April Amendment- Canadian Citizenship Act

Author: Kevn Smith Bill C-37 that passed on 17 April 2008 and finally came into effect on 17 April 2009 is a very interesting amendment to the Canadian Citizenship Act. This document gives Canadian citizenship to those who lost or never had it, due to outdated provisions in existing and former legislation. The government believes […]

Negligence in employment in Canada

Author: Kevn Smith Negligence in employment covers several actions in tort law, mainly when an employer is responsible for the accident (or other tortuous act) caused by the employee. The employer in this case is negligent in providing the employee with the ability to create this situation. A person who is claiming negligence must prove […]